Wasantha Dukgannarala


Navarathna Gamage’s professional career in music began as a‘Nurthi Gee’ singer has come to the full circle with him emerging as a most sought after musician for creations in different media. As he is popular now known in the field of music has thus covered all media in composing music for stage dramas, tele-dramas, films, documentaries, commercials, radio jingles, audio CDs and conducted orchestra for concerts etc. In over two decades he has reached the top in the field of music enthralling millions of fans. Navarathna Gamage’s musical guru was Maestro B. Victor Perera, under whom he had his professional training. He had the good fortune to associate with the modern guru of Sinhala theater; Professor Sarachchandra and be a member of his troupe as an actor and a singer in ‘Maname’, ‘Sinhabahu’ and many other productions. He had short stints of training under leading musical personalities like Pandith Amaradewa and Dr. Premasiri Kemadasa. Presently he has music directed over 120 tele-dramas and over 75 stage dramas, composed over 2500 songs and music directed over 30 films. He released a CD album ‘Sada Eliyen Dothak’ together with his own musical concert of his song compositions in 2004. He composed and directed spiritual music project named ‘Dhamma’ which was published by Studio Fontana in Czech Republic. In 2013, he directed and produced a musical symphonic theatre ‘Panamaura Kunchanada’ which had over 120 cast. He has many publications to his credit and shares his knowledge and experiences with the younger generation by undertaking teaching assignments at aesthetic educational institution – Sri Palee Campus of University of Colombo and Bellwood Music Institute of the National Youth Council. He has won Presidential Awards, Sarasavi Awards, Raigam Tele Awards, Signis Awards, State Television Awards, Sumathi Tele Awards, State Drama Awards and National Youth Awards. He has also awarded by ‘BUNKA Prize’ Award – The Japan Sri Lanka Friendship Cultural Fund 2003 and he has awarded ‘Kala Suri’ titular in 2017 for special contribution to the development of Sri Lankan culture, arts, drama, cinema, music,etc.