Wasantha Dukgannarala


Iraj Weerarratne is a Sri Lankan born musician or rather the maestro of hip hop music in the island. At the tender age of 16 years, he won the best keyboardist title in Sri Lanka awarded by Guildhall music school and came rolling in to the local music scene when he collaborated with Ranidu Lankage and Yauwana Wigneswaran and formed Zealots when he was schooling in Royal College. They also released their first original Love you so in 1998 and received airplay on local radio stations.
After this Iraj teamed up with Ruki and Urban Sound (Krishan, Nas T and Gajan Capitol G) to work on another original called SRI LANKA 2030, this was a song foreseeing the future of the nation. After a short break he joined hands with Krishan (Nas T) and Ruki for the hit single Roots. This was the song that revolutionized local music as it crossed borders and received airplay on all continents. This was featured on the UK ASIAN charts on BBC radio 1 at no 18 hosted by Asian DJs Bobby Friction and Nihal.
This was the beginning of a new era of Sri Lankan hip-hop & urban music as Iraj together with Krishan and other members of the band introduced this new trend in Asian hip hop as they blended Sri Lanka beats, Sinhalese and Tamil raps.