Wasantha Dukgannarala


Birth name Gayantha Indika Wijerathne Also known as Gayantha Wijerathne Born May 18, 1977(1977-05-18) Origin Sinhales, Sri Lanka Genre(s) Pop music, Hip Hop, Rock, Classical, R&B music Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, Presenter, Composer Instrument(s) Key Boards Years active 1992–present Gayantha Indika Wijerathne (born May 18, 1977 in Mawathagama, Sri Lanka) is a young talented Sri Lankan musician. Wijerathne was awarded creditability for his first performance and entered the Sri Lankan Music Industry. At this stage he was able to change the form of the Music Industry and make new performances and thereby became very popular among the music lovers. Wijerathne is a popular Sri Lankan singer and composer. Wijerathne started his carrier as a solo singer in late 2004. Early Life Wijerathne completed his early education at St.Anne Collge, Kurunegala and entered Jayawandenapura University and obtained his BSc degree. from his young ages he loved Music. He was able to form a Music Band first by doing piano music as a hobby and then learning to play the drums and guitar. As a band leader, Keyboardist, Three piece band and in one man shows he has achieved a lot of experience. Due to his likeness Music became a hobby in his life. Then he started doing new performances in his own recording studio Musical career 2002-2004 Rawum Kade, Ruwina, Malee and sudupata mal songs became very popular on Sri Lankan Radio channels He made a big change by releasing his song Rawum Kade in 2004. then in 2006 his first album was released. He has composed songs for many popular singers At present he is engaged in performance activities in his studios in Colombo and Mawathagama