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What is MusicHits?

Facilitated by industry leading artist, MusicHits is a unique platform bringing convenience to all aspiring musicians to get all the work done across the full spectrum of work including Lyrics Writing, Music Composing, Video Production and Content Management.

I'm overseas, can I still get a production done?

Of course Yes! Parts of the whole process can be done remotely and only if you want to do the video production it has to be done on location. We can also explore options for a professional video crew in your location and do the post-production at ours. 

How long does it take to complete a job?

It depends on several factors. If it is an urgent project with a release deadline we are open to look at prioratizing the entire process. In general the time line could vary between 2 weeks to 2 months to compelte a production. 

Who owns the copyrights to the final output?

It all depends on how you want to structure the relationship. You have the choice to (a) fully own the rights or (b) to share with null. In the second option we would bring in significant value with our expertise and network of connections to publish your production.

You also have the option to let us offer a fully manage production and publishing on a royalty payment model.

Any thirs party content pieces we may use in a production will be properly licensed safeguaring you from any potential issues. 

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on what you want. We have several options for each services we offer. For an example if you are looking for actors, actresses and models for guest appearances on your music video we can get you the most popular artists or up-and-coming artists depending on your budget.

How long is a typical publishing agreement?

As long as you want. 

We recomend a 1 Year contract, but we are flexible on short-term or multi-year contracts.

Do you undertake partially completed work?

It depends on several factors as we always look at the quality of the end result. If you have already started the process and have partially done content, best option would be to have a chat to undertand the status and create an action plan to launch your music.

Can I work with MusicHits only for a portion of the work?

Yes. We are always open to collaborate with fellow artists and production houses to ensure the customers get the best resutls. 



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